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PTA Message to Juan Cabrillo Families


Dear amazing incoming and continuing families of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School…

On behalf of the Juan Cabrillo PTA, we would like to welcome everyone to what will not be, but what IS, an historic year of change.


As of last school year, the visionary decision was made to merge our Juan Cabrillo Elementary School (JC) with Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School (PDMSS).  Although the physical merge will commence next school year, this year will be filled with exciting activities and events that will begin blending our families, and specifically our two communities of children. The intent being to foster a deep sense of unity, solidarity, and kinship amongst the children of JC and PDMSS.  Although there is an inherent connection between all of us in our respective after school activities, it is of profound importance to do what we can to make this transition as whole hearted and mindful as possible, for the breadth of all our children on what will be one campus. The JC PTA needs your help to make this move a success and is looking for people interested in spearheading this vital journey and/or helping in several other areas.  Please reach out to any member of the PTA or school leadership for more information. It takes a village, and we will need all your help and support.


Another equally historic change has happened in the world of fundraising for our children.  The road we have all been on which has encompassed two fundraising bodies, that being monies raised by the PTA (100% of monies raised stay with our children for our school), and the other being The Ed Foundation where only a portion of our donated dollars stay in our community of schools, is a road well-travelled and one wrought with inequity.  With the help of years of tireless advocacy, letter writing, campaigning, and the brute force of our Malibu community at large, the day of two separate fundraising bodies has thankfully, now come to an end. Santa Monica schools are now fundraising for Santa Monica schools, and Malibu schools are now fundraising for Malibu schools. It is with full transparency that we can say… 100% OF YOUR DONATED DOLLARS STAY IN OUR MALIBU SCHOOLS FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF OUR CHILDREN. The zeitgeist for our community of schools is no longer “THEM,” it is now “US,” OUR SCHOOLS, OUR DOLLARS.  There are still many moving parts to this and we are expeditiously working out the details of our new fundraising model. This year, while we work out the details of our new model for fundraising, each of our PTAs/The Shark Fund (TSF) will be raising money to pay for all the wonderful enrichments provided on their sites (formerly two checks, one each for Ed Foundation and the local PTA/TSF). Essentially, a small portion of our direct donation dollars will now go to the new Malibu Fund to pay for the enrichments on our campus the Ed Foundation used to support. This is a major leap forward in the direction of our final goal of separation.  It is not only time to celebrate and congratulate ourselves for being such an empowered and united voice, it is now time for all of us to donate and support not only our beautiful school, but also the community of our Malibu Schools. Your voices have been heard, and we are now raising as a family. This year and going forward, it is vital we champion 100% Direct Donation participation.

It is clear, we as a community of like-minded families are an empowered voice. However, it would be remiss of us at the JC PTA if we did not include the vision of our SMMUSD Superintendent Dr. Drati. Without Dr. Drati’s active interest and proactive intent in raising our children’s level of learning to that of a 21st Century education, our school community atmosphere would be that of years past.  Malibu is at the brink of moving toward securing this pressing vertical move. There will be a vital bond measure, Measure M, on the November 6th ballot. This will be for Malibu schools ONLY, where all monies raised from this bond would go to repairing, rebuilding, and upgrading our 4 schools - bringing all Malibu schools up the learning, environmental, and safety standards our children deserve. We are so close to completely revitalizing and breathing much needed new life into our Malibu school system, which by design, would breathe new life into our community at large. In order to accomplish this, it is imperative we pass this upcoming bond measure on the ballot Nov 6th.  Without this bond being passed we are back to square 1. We need to, once again, come together as a community and fight like our children’s future education depends on it, because it does. If everyone volunteers a portion of their time leading up to this historic vote, our children’s future will be secured. In the words of our leader, Principal Dr. Pam… “Together we can.”

Finally, another exciting movement forward we would like to share is, over this summer, Dr. Pam and all Malibu/SM Principals, Isaac Burgess (our full time Malibu administrator on site in our schools and Director of the Malibu Pathway), along with some of our teachers and staff from across our schools, attended a very enriching “first phase” of training in Restorative Justice.  In this first phase, they focused on “community building” amongst teachers, staff, children, and parents. The tools that were learned from this training, along with Dr. Pam’s Responsive Classroom, are examples of the mindful and proactive approach we are implementing this year to promote not only a Whole Child approach to learning, but also a Whole Community approach to working together with empathy, fellowship, and unity.

Special thanks go to our amazing Principal, Dr. Pam, who has worked tirelessly this summer to prepare us for our exciting journey this year.  Also, please recognize our beloved teachers and staff who have worked tenaciously to get our classrooms ready for our kids.

We look forward to a fantastic year of our community coming together, not only in solidarity from a shared vision, but also proactive movement forward. Continuing together, to push this boulder onward and upward.

“For these are all our children, we will all profit by or pay for what they become.” James Baldwin

Thank you,

Juan Cabrillo PTA