Anti-Bullying Assembly

Our kids will have the possibility to be part of this enriching experience on Friday, January 19.

Here is the information about this program:

Box Out Bullying Student Performance

Box Out Bullying consists of three parts: the dynamic assembly, comprehensive follow-up activities and lesson plans, and school-wide climate assessment.

 The Assembly Presentation

Box Out Bullying is the perfect way to kick off the school's bullying prevention policy and energize all students and faculty.  

They combine the power of interactive theater with proven effective bullying prevention techniques.  As active participants, students learn by seeing, listening, AND doing, which produce better results in message retention than watching a video, reading a book, or listening to a single lecturer.  

The assembly is designed to fit into a standard class period, running around 40 minutes. 

Comprehensive Follow-Up Activities/Lesson Plans

They include packets of over 90 pages of activities for parents and lesson plans for teachers to ensure that bullying prevention will continue for the rest of the school year.    

All Box Out Bullying programs cover:

•           A clear definition of bullying

•           Several rules that will help stop bullying

•           The difference between telling vs. tattle-telling (snitching)

•           Creating and building empathy

•           Identifying bullying behaviors

•           The difference between bullying and conflict

•           The different forms of bullying (Direct, Indirect, and Cyber-bullying for middle school audiences)

•           Empowering bystanders

•           Building resiliency

•           and much more


This is all possible thanks to our Book Fair sales. 

A Big SHOUT OUT to Lisa Zabaldo for putting the time, energy and heart into making our Book Fair the best it can be!