Cabrillo Art Workshop for City of Malibu Student Art Show

Our Art teacher Nicole Fisher is offering an art workshop for Cabrillo students to create an original work of art for the City of Malibu’s Student Art Exhibit.

It will be held in the art room after school on Thursday, January 25 until 4:15 PM.
The workshop is free, but a $5 supply contribution is welcome.

In order for a student to attend, parents must fill out the City of Malibu submission form (which was sent home, and is in the office and the art room) and return to the art mailbox in the office by the end of school on Wednesday.

Students not enrolled at Zoe’s or the B&G Club must be picked up from the art room by 4:15 PM.

I am looking for parents to help supervise the workshop, and to mount the art and deliver to the city.

Thanks for your support of the arts.