Meet Nidra Winger

Hi, I’m Nidra Winger, the health office specialist, who works part-time in the Nurse’s office here at Cabrillo.  Mon - Friday 10am - 1:30pm.


A little  bit about myself…I’ve lived and worked in the Malibu community for over 40yrs and have loved seeing the changes over the years.

I have worked in banking, community service, a doctor’s office and city hall.  I don’t have any children, but am an Aunt to over 17 kids in the Winger family.  


I started working as a sub for the district and have been at Juan Cabrillo and Malibu High School since 2012 - 2018.


Sometimes you may see me at Diane’s desk when she takes a well deserved day off.  I think Dr. Pam is a great principal (I have experienced a few) and, of course, Nurse Sandy is so much fun.

So, if you hear "this is Nidra from the Health office at Juan Cabrillo” it’s me letting you know what is going on with your child at school today...Cabrillo kids are the best!


Nidra Winger
Cabrillo Health Office