Safety Matters



from Dr. Pam

Dear Cabrillo Families


On behalf of the Juan Cabrillo students and staff I want to send our thanks to all for your ongoing efforts to work together with us to keep our campus safe.

Thank you to many who came to the first Principal’s Coffee and/or dropped by to share and collaborate on School safety.   So many good suggestions and reminders have been provided.  While we are still working through some details and exploring others, I do want to tell you about some things that are occurring now or shortly.

There is a larger police presence on and around the MHS campus.  This has been occurring all week and will continue.  The purpose is to not only be a visible presence but also to increase the line of communication and understanding of our school and safety needs.  Being next door, this provides Cabrillo with the extra set of eyes as well.

MHS will have an additional campus security officer on site starting Monday will also be of benefit.  This new position will allow them to secure the back side of their campus, specifically access in and out of the new parking lot.  When our Middle and High School neighbors are secure and comfortable that definitely supports the Elementary School. A huge thanks to all for your collaboration and cooperation with MHS staff.

Please remember that some of the most important safety procedures are the simplest ones.  Therefore, please remember to follow traffic rules, plan your morning drop off and pick up so there is plenty of time making safety easy because nobody is rushing.  Whenever you are on campus, check-in, sign-in and wear a visitor’s badge.  If you see someone without one, introduce yourself and kindly escort the person to the office to sign-in.  (Nice way to keep kids safe and meet new people.). Also if you see a gate open, thanks for closing it and letting the office know.  Most importantly, if you see something say something.  We do listen and hear.  Sometimes people wonder if that statement is true because of confidentiality rules, but know that follow up and student care and safety is a number one priority.

Therefore thank you for continuing to inform us of safety concerns and suspicious behaviors.  When we receive these tips, we work with law enforcement so they can determine if it is a substantiated threat.  We know that MHS has received these throughout the year and even in the past few weeks.  Each of them was investigated and monitored by the sheriffs and they determined that there is no specific threat to MHS currently.

This open line of communication is also extended to students.  Please encourage your students to come to office when they see or hear things that are concerning.  In addition, as I know that some students are afraid to come forward, there is anonymous tip line that they use.  The website is and the phone number is 1-800-78-CRIME.

Lastly, I want to remind you of the Wellness Center at the Boys and Girls Club.  Safety concerns can be a difficult topic for our students and we want to provide them with all the support they need.  Please contact your counselor if you would like to request a referral to the Wellness Center.


Hand-in-Hand, Together We Can!

Dr. Pam