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Juan Cabrillo #5 By Deputy Jake


I visited Juan Cabrillo this past Monday and Wednesday. Here is what we talked about:

4th Grade: Don’t Let Your Dreams Go Up In Smoke

I spent the first part of the 4th grade class answering questions that immediately popped into the kids head regarding what they have heard about marijuana and THC. After that I had the kids read a story about a boy that started using THC in middle school and the problems that caused him in school and sports. Some of the points emphasized were:

Marijuana is not a vitamin and its not a benign food.

Marijuana is a plant that contains the drug THC.

THC makes your heart beat faster and affects balance, vision and coordination, reaction time and motivation.

THC makes it hard to remember things and negatively impacts learning.

Smoking/vaping THC is just as bad for your lungs as smoking/vaping tobacco.

Even though the 4th graders (thankfully) don’t know a lot about marijuana at this young age, almost all of them had heard of it. This 4th grade lesson is the first of many (just see below) that I have with the kids to help them understand the dangers of using THC while their bodies and brains are still developing.

5th Grade: Keep off the Grass

I also talked marijuana with the 5th graders. We watched some clips from a video called “The Marijuana Files” about the ongoing studies into the permanent negative effects of THC on the brains of kids. The show follows two teenage hosts that travel across the country to interview researchers. While we watched the video, the kids filled in a handout that points out the effects of THC on the heart, lungs and brain.

I think its important to talk to the kids about marijuana in depth at least once a year, and you can see how each presentation builds on the material from the previous year.If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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