Art Class- Shoe Project

Art & Sole - The Annual 5th Grade Shoe Project (5th Grade only – one 2 hour class)


The 5th grade Art & Sole (AKA: The Shoe Project). This right of passage assemblage piece captures this transitional time in their life, moving from elementary school to middle school, which expresses their memories, fears and excitement.

They were asked to bring in a shoe that expressed who they are or who they want to be. Then, on a bookend, they used a variety of materials to assemble an original work of art that tells their story about this important transition in their lives.


This project begins with a writing prompt exploring the memories and feelings about their elementary school experience, and the anticipation of going to middle school. They will use the prompt to help them figure out what they want to communicate.


·       In a previous English class they will complete a written prompt that asks them about their most influential elementary school memories, what they are thinking about as they transition to middle school and how they might convey those thought and feelings visually.

·       With a bookend and their shoe they will assemble an original work of art that captures this important transitional time in their lives.

MASTER ARTIST (S): Louise Nevelson, John Baldessari, Robert Rauchenberg

VOCABULARY: Assemblage, three-dimensional vs. two dimensional works of art, found objects, symbolism, metaphor