Optimist Award- Congratulations Nancy Jordan

Thanks for the invite to honor a teacher/staff member at Cabrillo.

As always it is difficult to decide but I have already been doing a lot of thinking and this year it goes to Nancy Jordan.  

Nancy is currently a Kindergarten Teacher at Cabrillo who keeps threatening to retire.  Who can blame her when you check on Facebook and view the pictures of such a loving family filled with grandchildren, a daughter now in college and a loving husband who finally took the retirement leap not long ago himself.

But despite the 30 years of teaching, Nancy has decided to stay at Juan Cabrillo yet another year. WHY? I believe it is because she truly enjoys teaching. Although she has many talents, Nancy will tell you that her hobby is also education. When others are out golfing, scrapbooking or
sewing, Nancy is looking for another idea to implement in her classroom. Pintrest is a favorite site for her to visit.

Nancy has truly shined in the last few years, and most importantly taken on a leadership role.  In this role she serves on our School Site Leadership Team (SLT) that guides, facilities and ensures
we are working towards continuous improvement. She has a positive and professional attitude.
Nancy is always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the students of Cabrillo are provided a learning environment that is second to none.

Nancy understands that the world is changing and therefore as
educators we too must change even though it means added work and energy to learn the necessary skills to meet the 21 st Century. This year the SLT has taken the focus of Social Emotional Learning to ensure student academic achievement.  Nancy has been a role model and positive force in helping ALL staff work together to develop a school plan, participate in ongoing professional development, collaborate/communicate with colleagues and parents to ensure we continue to find the “next right answer” and has demonstrated she is willing to do “whatever it takes” in the best interests of Kids. Nancy is a team-player. She is willing to collaborate and lend a hand in an effort to
support her colleagues. She isn’t someone looking for recognition or added praise for the above and beyond work and energy she gives as a matter of fact you have to force that issue sometimes as it is so
well deserved. Nancy does it because she is dedicated and believes in why she is here!

She believes all kids can learn but in different ways and at different rates therefore is willing to differentiate the core curriculum. Nancy is an innovator and creative educator. She wants all kids to have the access and the ability to show what they know because she understands that the future for the kids of today will be much different then what we can even imagine now. Therefore she even provides intervention classes after the school day to help students access the core curriculum and meet goals..

Nancy contributes to the academic success of her students by giving above and beyond. She is an educator that gets to know the whole child. Nancy understands them as unique individuals that they
are and looks for ways to make learning interesting and connected to them personally. Nancy believes all children can learn therefore she is always looking for the next right answer. She believes “failure is
not an option” and that each child can succeed. She differentiates the curriculum so that the students can all feel included and access the core curriculum.

Nancy has been involved in numerous District committees such as textbook adoption, curriculum council and the ELA development. She willingly participates on school committees to ensure that we are fully
represented. I believe in her 30 years she has served on every single committee that exists and then some. As I shared, recently her greatest contribution has been her leadership to not only the grade level
team but the school-wide team.

Thanks to Nancy’s willingness to collaborate, be a reflective educator and leadership, Cabrillo staff has made huge progress in practicing what we preach:  “there is room at the table for everyone. Or there is a desk in the classroom for every child.”

She is a life-long learner and understands how kids learn.  Together that makes for both an exceptional educator and leader!
I am truly excited to nominate Mrs. Nancy Jordan as Juan Cabrillo’s Optimist Honoree for the 2017-2018 school year.